John Forsberg

Hello there. I'm John Forsberg, Co-owner of Kahootz Steak & Alehouse, I started Kahootz with a friend, and thought of bringing people together in a casual atmosphere. The thought was to have a small place with a few menu items that were in the style of home cooking, therefore we would not have a deep fryer, and we would have professional chef's running the kitchen. We wanted to offer a healthier menu than the common pub or alehouse with really good food. I started out life as an automotive mechanic, and after twenty years of auto repair I thought it would be good to be in the people business. I wanted to do something where people would come to me wanting to spend their money happily. The automotive business really seemed to bring the frustration out in people, because no one wants to spend money on an automotive repair. I had a few different repair shops and was service manager of a few, when a friend of mine asked me to be a partner in a pickup truck accessories business. We built the business up and I got first hand lessons in small business done right, as far as I knew! I sold the company moved to Meridian and helped my son with a business until starting on Kahootz. Kahootz has forty three beers on tap, was the largest selection in the state for many years, and in many minds the best. We offer great wines from Idaho and the west as well as the best food in the valley at an affordable price. We strive to have our service team to be prompt, courteous, and professional while having a good time getting to know our friends and neighbors. We want to continue having a warm friendly atmosphere that is clean, and fun to work at. So if we do not satisfy your expectations, please let us know. We are here for you!


Joe Anderson

Hello there. I'm Joe Anderson, Chef, and Co-owner of Kahootz Steak & Alehouse. It's been a little more than thirty years since I've started down my culinary path. I guess I first realized that this was the career for me when I got hired at the famous Game Keeper restaurant and Lounge in the historic Owyhee Plaza Hotel! I spent six and half years here, there were so many different things to learn and master, and from a great teacher and Chef Tony Pirazo, who at one time held the title of Executive Chef of Red Lion Hotel International! This guy was amazing one day I was learning how to make sauces, the next day cutting meats, and then Ice Carvings. And with two separate restaurants with completely different styles of food and service & Banquet facilities that gave me the opportunity to custom create events, I learned how to prepare just about any traditional to contemporary fare imaginable! Wow, there was no end to what I could do in this industry. From there I went on to spend four and a half years at the Landmark Murphy's Oyster Bar and Grill, with the title of Sous Chef, learned yet another appreciation for the food service industry, how to run a successful business. Under the tutelage of another great chef, who is now the Corporate Chef for McGrath's Fish House, Chef Clark Ketchum, what a smart man, we didn't just make great food, but he completely understood how to be professional & profitable at it! After an exhausting stint at Murphy's, it was time to take the next step in my culinary career as Chef at the second largest service hotel in the state of Idaho, The State House INN located in downtown Boise, here I was able to put my teachers lessons to the test. Now as the leader, mentor, and decision maker of my staff I learned that even though I could do all the things that a Chef was expected to do, I would never be completely happy until I was able to do them for myself. Now armed with knowledge that I could be a great Chef, the desire to make great food and the understanding of how to run a professional business, I decided it was time to go on my own.